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Introducing Opteev’s Multiplex Biosensor

The Future of Pathogen Detection is Here!

Through our groundbreaking, patent-pending* impedance-based detection technology, we bring you a complete paradigm shift in rapid comprehensive pathogen diagnostics.

*Patent Application #63/513,007

*In Development – Not Yet Available For Sale

Instantaneous, Multi-Target Pathogen Detection for Diversified Applications

Unlock limitless market potential with a single biochip! Opteev’s Multiplex Biosensor is revolutionizing pathogen detection from Point-of-Care Diagnostics to Environmental Monitoring, Food Safety, and At-Home Testing.


Say goodbye to uncertainties and waiting days for results. Opteev’s biosensor transforms the point-of-care by providing a portable, ultra-rapid comprehensive diagnostic platform for respiratory, GI, STD, and CNS infections. Precisely identify the virus or bacteria affecting your patient in under 60 seconds.

Environmental Monitoring

Air quality directly impacts public health. Integrate Opteev’s multiplex biosensor into air purifiers and HVAC systems or use it as a stand-alone monitoring device to detect and alert for airborne pathogens. Keep spaces safe, from homes to corporate offices and beyond.

At-Home Testing

Find out if you’re spreading a dangerous respiratory pathogen in under 60 seconds including COVID-19, Flu, RSV, and Strep. Opteev’s biosensor provides on-the-go instantaneous respiratory diagnostics so you can know what’s affecting you or your family anywhere at anytime.

Food Safety

Protect consumers and preserve reputations. Opteev’s multiplex biosensor swiftly identifies foodborne pathogens, ensuring the safety and quality of food products. It’s the ultimate assurance for food manufacturers and the hospitality industry.

Ready for the Unknown:
Adaptable Technology for Emerging Threats

Opteev’s multiplex diagnostic is an agile technology platform that can leverage genetic sequencing data to provide immediate and accurate diagnostics for emerging and novel viruses.

The world has encountered multiple pandemics and public health emergencies in the last twenty years; preparedness for the next crisis remains critical.

As soon as genetic data is available for a novel virus, Opteev’s biosensor can be configured to detect that virus in almost real-time!.

Opteev’s Multiplex Diagnostic Platform will provide public health agencies the ultimate tool for surveillance, containment, and treatment of future outbreaks

How Opteev’s Biosensor Works

Opteev’s biosensor technology precisely detects and differentiates multiple pathogens at such lightning-speed by utilizing a combination of biogenic functionalization, impedance detection, and A.I.-processing.

Multiple Biosensors On A Single Biochip

Opteev’s Multi-Target Biosensor is an A.I.-powered biochip consisting of multiple rows of functionalized biosensors that each target a specific pathogen.

Functionalized for Precision & Accuracy

Each of the individual biosensors are functionalized with a binding layer (peptides, antibodies, or biogenic material) that specifically binds to the targeted pathogen.

Lightning-Fast Impedance Detection

As pathogens encounter their unique biogenic match in the Biosensor, a change in electrical parameters triggers instant detection. This electrical data is sent to the A.I. processor for instant analysis.

A.I.-Powered Biosensing

Artificial Intelligence supercharges the Biosensor’s peptide-functionalized accuracy & precision, eliminating background noise and delivering results at unparalleled speeds.

Who We Are...

The Extraordinary

Opteev Technologies, Inc. is a Baltimore-based pioneering technology company at the forefront of diagnostics. Our impedance-based solutions provide ultra-rapid detection both at the point of care and for consumers. As a subsidiary of Novatec, Inc., a leading manufacturer and supplier of machinery and industrial sensors, we combine advanced technology with extensive industry expertise.

Our Multiplex FlashPanel technology is not only revolutionizing respiratory infection testing by completely changing the point-of-care paradigm, but its agile platform also provides public health agencies the ultimate tool for surveillance, containment, and treatment of future outbreaks. Additionally, Opteev’s ViraWarn technology empowers consumers with unprecedented ease of-use and ultra-rapid detection for home use.

Join us in engineering the extraordinary and embrace the future of diagnostics!

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