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Opteev ViraWarn Press Release

FeverWarn Announces Independent Lab Study Results Proving Non-Contact IR Thermometer Accurately Measures Core Body Temperature

FeverWarn Announces Independent Lab Study Results Proving Non-Contact IR Thermometer Accurately Measures Core Body Temperature: No-Touch Thermometers Provide Reliable Temperature Readings To Move High-Volume Groups Through The Line Faster

BALTIMORE, June 1, 2021 — FeverWarn™ by MachineSense®, the only self-service temperature scanning product that accurately calculates core body temperature to detect fevers, today announced results from the certified independent laboratory, Test & Measurement, Inc. In this certified laboratory study, FeverWarn’s core body temperature readings are shown to be within the 0.5 degrees range to a clinical temperature reading, such as those administered during medical checkups or emergency medical intakes. Employees, visitors, students and faculty can get an accurate, non-contact temperature reading in as little as 1.5 seconds, which makes it an ideal choice for schools that need to temperature check large volumes of students, faculty and staff within a limited time slot.

“There has been a huge concern over accuracy and efficacy of fever screening. This is because mass screening can only be done through non-contact methods by reading the surface temperature of the skin, which is influenced by warm or cool environments, producing wildly inaccurate readings,” said Dr. Biplab Pal, co-founder and CTO of MachineSense. “FeverWarn OPX technology solves this problem with its ability to measure core body temperature through proprietary algorithms and advanced sensor technology.”

MachineSense, the company that manufactures and distributes FeverWarn® non-contact, FDA-compliant High-accuracy infrared thermometers, uses advanced infrared thermal sensors and a custom-developed algorithm to quickly and reliably measure core body temperatures in workplaces and schools.

Unlike typical surface-temperature readings, a core body temperature reading is a science-based, highly reliable indicator of potential COVID-related and other potential fevers. It also avoids inaccurate or fluctuating temperature readings or readings that are influenced by changing environmental conditions such as weather, sunlight or human physical activity.

Based on its accuracy, portability and ease of use, FeverWarn’s touchless, self-service, HIPAA-compliant temperature scanners are currently being used by American preschools and childcare centers, medical clinics, hospitals, urgent care centers and other organizations.

FeverWarn’s OPX models can be placed in environments whose ambient temperatures range from 40-105° F. Also, the devices’ portability and adaptability make them ideal for use in various school locations, including hallways, school bus lines, outdoor stadiums and gymnasiums.

Additionally, when or if an individual has a temperature reading that indicates potential fever, FeverWarn’s data alert system can send HIPAA text or email alerts to designated school personnel, such as the principal, superintendent or safety officer.  It can store and supply data to enhance schools’ case-rate and infection-protocol data sets and reporting.

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