Opteev Technologies, Inc.

Opteev Technologies, Inc. is a Baltimore-based pioneering technology company at the forefront of diagnostics. Our impedance-based solutions provide ultra-rapid detection both at the point of care and for consumers. As a subsidiary of Novatec, Inc., a leading manufacturer and supplier of machinery and industrial sensors, we combine advanced technology with extensive industry expertise.

Our Multiplex FlashPanel technology is not only revolutionizing respiratory infection testing by completely changing the point-of-care paradigm, but its agile platform also provides public health agencies the ultimate tool for surveillance, containment, and treatment of future outbreaks. Additionally, Opteev’s ViraWarn technology empowers consumers with unprecedented ease of-use and ultra-rapid detection for home use.

Join us in embracing the future of diagnostics!

Executive Leadership

Conrad Bessemer

Chairman & Co-Founder

Mr. Bessemer is the chairman and co-founder of Opteev and leads all aspects of Opteev’s overall operations. He is also the CEO/Managing Partner of Opteev’s parent company, Novatec, Inc.

Baltimore, MD Headquarters & Naples, FL Office

Susan Bessemer

Co-Founder & Chief Operating Officer

Mrs. Bessemer is responsible for the operational and administrative functions of Opteev as well as overseeing Opteev’s finances and human resources.

Baltimore, MD Headquarters & Naples, FL Office

Dr. Biplab Pal

Co-Founder & Opteev Research Director

Dr. Pal oversees Opteev’s multidisciplinary in-house bioengineering and engineering teams and drives Opteev’s scientific innovation.

Baltimore, MD Headquarters

Dr. Mesfin Meshesha

Vice President, Virology & Diagnostics

Dr Meshesha oversees the multiple subgroups of Opteev’s Virology Department, pathogen research, and molecular diagnostic technology development.

Baltimore, MD Headquarters

Dr. Chakravarthi Chintalapati

Director, Molecular Virology Research

Dr Chintalapati leads the virology research and regulatory affairs at Opteev’s Kolkata, India biosafety laboratory.

Kolkota, IN Laboratory

Dana Gardner

Vice President, Business Development

Mr. Gardner manages Opteev’s marketing initiatives, portfolio strategy, pipeline prioritization, and formation of new business ventures.

San Diego, CA Office

Dr. Subrata Das

Vice President, Virtual Technology Development

Dr. Das is responsible for the development of virtual technologies at Opteev including Data-driven digital marketing and engagement strategy as well as advancing social platforms.

Kolkata, IN

Brad Owens

Vice President, Software Development

Brad Owens oversees the software development from firmware to mobile apps. He has over 30 years of development experience.

Baltimore, MD Headquarters


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If you’re interested in enhancing your health safety measures with ViraWarn and FeverWarn, our sales team is happy to assist you every step of the way. From charting customized deployment plans to streamlining integrations, our team will make the process fast and easy so your team and guests can focus on the task at hand with peace of mind. 

Send an email or give us a call to start a conversation with our sales team. If you’re ready to get going, fill out the “Let’s Get Started” form to fast-track your deployment.

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