Precisely Identify The Virus or Bacteria Affecting Your Patient In Under 1 Minute!

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Results In Under
1 Minute

Precisely Identifies Up
to 16 Targets Per Test

Uses Oral or Nasal
Swab Sample

Say Hello to a New Era of Instant Point-of-Care Multiplex Diagnostics!

Opteev’s Multiplex FlashPanel allows you to diagnose respiratory
infections in under 1 minute with immediate results at your fingertips.

How To Use FlashPanel

5 Steps. 1 Minute. Instant Diagnosis.

Acquire oropharyngeal or nasopharyngeal sample

Insert swab into VTM dropper and twist 3 times

Insert test cartridge into device

Drop 0.2mL of VTM onto cartridge site and press start

View Result on FlashPanel App

Results In 60 Seconds


Results Available On Desktop or Tablet


Up to 16 Targets Per Tests

Over 99% Accurate

Rechargeable & Portable

Precisely identifies the following targets with a nasopharyngeal or oropharyngeal swab in transport media:

Internal lab tests show 99.49% accuracy

FlashPanel Result App

How FlashPanel Works

Opteev’s Multiplex FlashPanel uses a biochip imbedded with multiple impedance-based biosensors that measure changes in conductivity caused by pathogens in oral or nasal swab sample interacting with the biosensor. Here’s how it works.


FlashPanel test cartridge consists of multiple functionalized biosensors that each target a specific pathogen.


The above illustration shows an example of SARS-CoV-2 particles binding to the SAR-CoV-2 specific peptides of the SARS-CoV-2 biosensor on the biochip.


When the pathogen particles bind to the biogenic material, it causes a change in electrical parameters.


That electrical data is then collected, processed, and stored in the internal processor.


FlashPanel connects via a secure Wi-Fi connection to your desktop or tablet. Result is processed over a secure cloud connection.


View the result on the FlashPanel App.

Impedance-Based Detection

Let’s explore the key differences between the traditional and time consuming optical-based approach and Opteev’s revolutionary lightning-fast impedance-based approach:

One Example of the Competitive Advantage (Point of Care)

Opteev’s Multi-Target Biochip is low-cost, achieves an astounding 99.49% accuracy with an impressive Limit of Detection, and can be developed into an affordable Point of Care diagnostic platform that drastically outperforms the competition…

Current Multiplex Diagnostics


Opteev’s Multiplex
Biosensor Diagnostic

Changing the Point-of-Care Paradigm

Experience a quantum leap in point-of-care diagnostics with FlashPanel’s groundbreaking multiplex testing. Empower healthcare providers with rapid, accurate answers, revolutionizing medical decisions and elevating patient care, while streamlining operations and reducing costs.

Timely & Targeted Treatment

All patients presenting symptoms can finally receive immediate diagnosis without foregoing comprehensive testing due to cost/time, allowing the prompt and proper treatment they deserve.


Real-Time Precision in the Palm of Your Hand
Remove the guesswork and empower your medical decisions with accurate and immediate results, allowing you to diagnose patients with precision and prescribe the most effective treatment without delay

Hospital Administration:

Streamlined Processes & Cost Savings
Eliminate third-party lab fees and streamline in-house operations by bringing lab testing directly to point of care, saving resources and manpower.

Retail Health Clinics:

Competitive Advantage & Integrated Care
Enhance clinic offerings with on-site multiplex testing, ensuring seamless continuity of care, enhanced revenue, and increased patient satisfaction.

Flash Panel Data

Empowering Public Health Agencies with Real-Time Knowledge

FlashPanel revolutionizes the approach to respiratory infection testing by ensuring that whenever a patient presents symptoms, healthcare providers can utilize its low-cost rapid diagnostics for immediate results, rather than foregoing comprehensive testing due to cost/time.

This will be a game-changer in the data that can be made available to public health agencies in real-time.

Real-time Data Integration

Seamlessly integrate real-time result data from FlashPanel into existing systems, empowering public health agencies with up to-date information for immediate analysis.

Swift Detection & Response

FlashPanel instantly identifies respiratory infections, enabling early outbreak detection. By automatically sharing that data with public health agencies and the CDC in real-time, FlashPanel will empower rapid response and effective containment measures.

Strategic Resource Allocation

FlashPanel allows unprecedented resource allocation based on real-time insights, allowing public health agencies to effectively allocate personnel, supplies, and interventions where they are most needed.

Ready for the Unknown

Adaptable Technology for Emerging Pandemics

FlashPanel is an agile technology platform that can leverage genetic sequencing data to provide immediate and accurate diagnostics for emerging and novel viruses.

The world has encountered multiple pandemics and public health emergencies in the last twenty years; preparedness for the next crisis remains critical.
As soon as genetic data is available for a novel virus, new FlashPanel test cartridges to detect that virus can be developed in almost real-time!
FlashPanel will provide public health agencies the ultimate tool for surveillance, containment, and treatment of future outbreaks.

FlashPanel Beyond Hospital Use

Primary Care Clinics
Pediatric Clinics
Urgent Care Centers
Specialty Clinics
Retail Health Clinics
School Health Clinics
Nursing Homes &
Senior Homes
Community Health Centers
& Mobile Clinics

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