Revolutionizing Diagnostics
With Ultra-Rapid & Accurate
Impedance-Based Detection

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Opteev Files Patent for World’s First Multiplex Biochip That Precisely Identifies COVID, Flu, RSV, and Respiratory Pathogens in Under 1 Minute!

For Point of Care Use

*In Development – Not Yet Available For Sale

Multiplex FlashPanel

One Test. One Minute. 16 Targets…Including COVID-19, Influenza, & RSV.

Experience a quantum leap in respiratory infection diagnostics with
Opteev’s Multiplex FlashPanel. In just under 60 seconds, healthcare
providers can precisely identify the specific virus or bacteria causing a
patient’s respiratory infection, enabling them to deliver targeted treatment
options. Say goodbye to uncertainty and lengthy waiting times.

Say hello to the future of diagnostics with FlashPanel by Opteev!

For Home Use


Personal-Space Monitoring Device For Respiratory Virus Detection

ViraWarn utilizes Opteev’s cutting-edge liquid media-based detection technology to keep you informed about potential virus presence in your personal spaces, such as at your desk at work or on a coffee table or dining table while having visitors over.

Ensure the safety of your personal spaces with ViraWarn by Opteev!

*Available For Sale

For Personal Use

Opteev Breath Analyzer

Multiple-Use Breath Analysis Self-Test For Respiratory Virus Infection

Opteev’s Breath Analyzer is a new way to instantly self-test for specific respiratory virus infection including COVID-19, RSV, and Influenza. Just turn it on, breathe twice into the mouthpiece, and the LED light will indicate a positive or negative result in under 60 seconds.

Test for specific virus infections in under 60 seconds!

*In Development – Not Yet Available For Sale

Who We Are...

Engineering The Extraordinary

Opteev Technologies, Inc. is a Baltimore-based pioneering technology company at the forefront of diagnostics. Our impedance-based solutions provide ultra-rapid detection both at the point of care and for consumers. As a subsidiary of Novatec, Inc., a leading manufacturer and supplier of machinery and industrial sensors, we combine advanced technology with extensive industry expertise.

Our Multiplex FlashPanel technology is not only revolutionizing respiratory infection testing by completely changing the point-of-care paradigm, but its agile platform also provides public health agencies the ultimate tool for surveillance, containment, and treatment of future outbreaks. Additionally, Opteev’s ViraWarn technology empowers consumers with unprecedented ease of-use and ultra-rapid detection for home use.

Join us in engineering the extraordinary and embrace the future of diagnostics!

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