FeverWarn Model FW-OPX-1100B3 Self-Service Thermal Hand Scanner with Microsoft® Azure or Private Cloud Storage


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Get a highly-advanced, self-servicing thermal scanner to measure body temperature from the fist or forearm. Using infrared sensors, fever can be diagnosed easily from a distance of 1-4 inches under the scanner, and the readings can be stored in the cloud.

🔰 FEVERWARN MODEL FW-OPX-1100B3: Comes with an in-built buzzer and sound amplifier along with privacy settings for the colored display. Data is stored on Microsoft Azure (optional) to combat future liabilities.

🔰 EASY TO INSTALL: Our Thermal Temperature Screening scans very quickly and very easy to install for quick, orderly, automated screening process. Optional stands are available.

🔰 FDA COMPLIANT: The self-servicing device uses FDA mandated thermal Fever scanning regulations (Thermographic devices)  and is designed and manufactured in the US.

🔰 ALARM / ALERT: Cloud equipped models can send email or text alerts.

🔰 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE: 60 Day Money-Back Guarantee. Customer satisfaction is our first priority. 100% support from US.

🔰 ENVIRONMENTALLY ROBUST: Designed to be installed Indoors, the model can handle sunlight and 40°-100°F ambient and can be installed in doorway or in reception area within ambient requirements.

Salient Features of FeverWarn Model FW-OPX-1100B3

✔️ FDA compliant technology for thermal scanning
✔️ Device dimensions are 8″ X 2 ¾” X 6.5″
✔️ Temperature reading accuracy of +/- 0.9°F +/- 0.5°C
✔️  Wall-mount/bracket included
✔️ Free shipping from 3-5 business days
✔️ Built-in buzzer and sound amplifier
✔️ Small and large displays along with privacy settings
✔️ Colored-screen display, red and green signals on scanning
✔️ Cloud app to view recent data (of the last 24 hours)
✔️ Wireless connectivity
✔️ Bluetooth facilities for iOS devices
✔️ Email/Smartphone alerts and automatic software update for mobile app
✔️ Microsoft Azure or private cloud storage

✔️ Manage multiple Feverwarns using a Cloud App ( Crystal Ball)
✔️ Optional floor and desktop stands


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