ViraWarn– Instant COVID-19 Detection for Personal Spaces

ViraWarn - World’s First… Airborne COVID-19 Detector - Proven, Accurate Detection…in Seconds!
  • If COVID-19 or Influenza is present, a flashing red LED light will indicate positive conditions.
  • Monitors your personal space on your desk at work, or at home on a coffee table or dining table while having visitors over.
  • Independent lab tests demonstrated to work at a near 100% accuracy.
  • 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE: 30 Day Money-Back Guarantee. 1 Year Warranty.



Arron Pacheco
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Verified Owner

"Amazing product. Great customer service. I use it at school during lectures and labs. When people come to my house they sit near the ViraWarn Patriot for a small amount of time before we interact. Thanks to this product we can feel safe. I tell everyone how wonderful it is."
Paul Hoffman
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Verified Owner

“As a recent purchaser, I have been impresses with the excellent help that the support staff gave me both initially and all the time the machine is in operation. Also purchased additional liquid which arrived on time.”
Danielle Crull
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American Board of Opticianry Master

"The ViraWarn Patriot has been the best investment for my office. I have spent thousands of dollars over the past two years on cleaners, UVC machines, masks and gloves all in an effort to keep my employees and customers safe. I love that this machine can finally give my customers the confidence to bring their families and high risk children into my office without fear. It give me such joy to see families interacting together again."
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Verified Owner

"Well it actually does work. After months of wondering, our family caught BA.5. It seems to be about as sensitive as a rapid test."


ViraWarn – World’s First… Personal Spaces COVID-19 Detector – Proven, Accurate Detection…in Seconds!

ViraWarn continuously monitors the air inside a room and immediately alerts of spike-protein viral contamination including COVID-19, all COVID-19 Variants, and Influenza. Get immediate airborne viral contamination alerts via an LED alarm.

EASY TO INSTALL: ViraWarn is very easy to install. Screw the reservoir cartridge on, add the liquid refill bottle to the reservoir opening, plug the device in, and viral detection begins immediately.

100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE: 30 Day Money-Back Guarantee. 1 Year Warranty. Customer satisfaction is our first priority. 100% support from our Baltimore, MD Headquarters

Features of ViraWarn

  • Continuous monitoring of spike virus particles including COVID-19, all COVID Variants, and Flu
  • Instant viral alert via LED alarm
  • Edge AI software running on 240MHz, 4MB processor


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