Opteev is a technology company that makes the world a safer place for humanity by bringing new products to market to improve air quality in the environments we live in, from workspaces to schools and everywhere in between. Our innovative products screen people and places to deliver a sense of comfort and security for everybody to enjoy their lives without reservation.


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If you’re interested in enhancing your health safety measures with ViraWarn and FeverWarn, our sales team is happy to assist you every step of the way. From charting customized deployment plans to streamlining integrations, our team will make the process fast and easy so your team and guests can focus on the task at hand with peace of mind.  

Send an email or give us a call to start a conversation with our sales team. If you’re ready to get going, fill out the “Let’s Get Started” form to fast-track your deployment.

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222 E. Thomas Ave.
Baltimore, MD 21225 USA

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FeverWarn Infrared Thermal Temperature Scanners are Available to Purchase Now

ViraWarn modules will be available soon. You can join the ViraWarn interest list now, with products available for shipping in September 2021. To learn more about ViraWarn, including estimated availability, please contact us above.