The Science Behind ViraWarn

Meet Opteev's Head of Virology

In Clinical Trials…Pre-EUA Submitted To FDA For Review

Virus Particles are
Charge Carriers!

Viruses have genetic material made of nucleic acids, which have a partial negative charge, and a protein coat of amino acids which can be neutral, negative, or positive in charge. The net charge is the cumulative charge of the genetic material and protein.


ViraWarn by Opteev is able to detect this charge instantly by utilizing a proprietary Conductive Biosensor. Carbon filters in the mouthpiece of the device trap larger particles in the breath allowing the viral particles to pass through to the biosensor.

Change in
Conductivity Occurs

When virus particles come in contact with the Conductive Biosensor, a change in conductivity and a fluctuation in electrical parameters will occur.

Data Analyzed by
AI Processor

That electrical data is then analyzed by specialized Artificial Intelligence algorithms to filter out false readings, decide threshold values, and determine the result.

Signal Sent
to User

A positive or negative result is then sent to the user in the form of a RED-positive or GREEN-negative LED indicator light, while an internal HEPA filter ensures air released from the device is clean and virus-free.


Unlike Traditional COVID ‘Quick’ Tests, ViraWarn Will
Continue To Accurately Detect New COVID-19 Variants.

Because ViraWarn detects viral conductivity
which is not affected by mutations.

Artificial Intelligence

ViraWarn’s Ultra-High Accuracy Is Driven By Advanced Algorithms

AI Processor filters out false readings.

Powered By Nature

Silk – A Sustainable, Biodegradable Material
Is The Key To Detecting Viruses Instantly.

ViraWarn’s ultra-fast new way to self test utilizes an advanced proprietary biosensor that is made of conductive silk.

Meet Opteev's Head of Virology

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The current product information is presented for information only and is not presently available for sale. The product for human breath virus detection is experimental at this point and is not yet approved by the FDA. The product is in early-stage clinical trials, and we make no claims at this point for safety or efficacy.

In Clinical Trials…Pre-EUA Submitted To FDA For Review

Power on the device. When the LED light indicates it is ready to use, blow into the device twice. A result is then delivered via the LED indicator light within 40 seconds. A red LED light indicates a positive result, and a green LED light indicates a negative result.
ViraWarn is able to detect virus particles through exhaled breath analysis from a combination of Opteev’s proprietary Conductive-Silk Biosensor and ViraWarn’s Artificial Intelligence processor. When you’re infected with COVID-19 or other respiratory viruses, you’re breathing out many virus particles. Those virus particles are charge carriers and possess a cumulative charge. ViraWarn is able to detect this cumulative charge instantly. When virus particles come in contact with the biosensor, a change in electrical resistivity occurs. That electrical data is then analyzed by ViraWarn’s AI processor to filter out false readings, decide threshold values, and determine a result. The resulting signal is delivered to the user in the form of a RED-positive or GREEN-negative notification light.
ViraWarn provides a positive or negative result in under 60 seconds.
ViraWarn is a screening device that samples your breath and alerts of all Coronaviruses including SARS-CoV-2 and other respiratory viruses such as Influenza, RSV and Rhinovirus.
No, ViraWarn is a first-line screening device that instantly screens for respiratory viruses through breath analysis. ViraWarn does not distinguish between these viruses but will alert you of viral infection. When receiving a positive result from ViraWarn, it is important to take the necessary precautions to not spread the infection to others, as all respiratory viruses can be potentially dangerous to high-risk individuals. It is also important to confirm if the positive result is COVID-19 by undergoing a PCR test.
Since ViraWarn will provide a positive result for COVID-19 as well as other respiratory viruses, it is important to confirm if your positive ViraWarn result is COVID-19 by undergoing a PCR test. Please keep in mind that all respiratory viruses can be dangerous, especially to high-risk individuals, so it is very important to immediately take the necessary precautions to not spread the viral infection to others.
ViraWarn’s remarkable COVID-19 detection technology identifies the presence of a virus due to changes in the conductive nature of its sensor as a result of electrochemical interaction of the virus with the ViraWarn Biosensor. Since the conductivity of the virus particle is not affected by mutations, ViraWarn will continue to accurately detect new and emerging COVID-19 variants.
Self-test with ViraWarn as many times as needed! ViraWarn is also rechargeable so you can always have it with you on the go. When it’s time to replace the cartridge, ViraWarn will alert you through its indicator light. In most cases it is recommended to replace the cartridge twice a month, or when indicated by the device.
No, ViraWarn only detects virus particles, it does not disinfect them; however, ViraWarn possesses an internal HEPA filter, so the air expelled from the back of the device always remains clean and virus-free.

Yes, ViraWarn is being extensively tested internally and is in ongoing clinical trials in the US and India. These clinical trials involve participants with confirmed SARS-CoV-2 infection and are currently demonstrating an accuracy of 92%.

Yes, ViraWarn Pre-Emergency Use Authorization (Pre-EUA) was submitted to the FDA for review and response in July 2022.