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The Only Automatic Thermal Temperature Scanners with OPX Technology.

FeverWarn is the first thermal temperature scanner in the world with proprietary OPX technology that allows the device to provide accurate temperature readings in a vastly greater ambient temperature range. In fact, FeverWarn’s temperature range is 50% greater than ordinary infrared scanners. OPX combines new spatial geometry sensors an artificial intelligence algorithm to filter out the effects of cold and warm weather while also eliminating problems with sunlight. The result is greater accuracy for greater health safety. 

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As we transition to life after the pandemic, there are new standards for public health. Personal health screenings such as temperature checks by thermal temperature scanners will continue to be the first line of defense.

A fever is the most common virus infection symptom, affecting up to 88 percent of those who have the ailment. This telling symptom of possible virus infection can be easily monitored with FeverWarn thermal scanners by Opteev simply by conducting pre-entry temperature screenings to alert potentially sick employees or visitors and keep them from exposing others. 

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FeverWarn's Breakthrough Technology.

Almost all thermal temperature scanners, including handheld infrared scanners operated by others, are only rated for a temperature range of 70-94° F. Additionally, they can’t be used where theres direct sunlight (due to UV rays), whether indoors or not. None of the handheld scanners are rated for outdoor usage. 

FeverWarn has changed all that with the inclusion of OPX technology on all its new infrared scanners. The first of its type available anywhere in the world, the proprietary and patent-pending OPX technology extends the temperature bandwidth for infrared temperature scanning by up to 50% more than ordinary temperature infrared scanners. OPX consists of new spatial geometry sensors combined with an artificial intelligence algorithm to filter out the effects of cold and warm weather as well as problems with sunlight. 

FeverWarn OPX models are ideal for temperature variant indoor entranceways and have been shown to work in temperatures ranging from 40-104° F.
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Why the Wrist Beats the Head in Temperature Scanning Systems.

The wrist and fist areas are ideal for infrared scanning because the arterial blood flow is close to the skin. Other IR scanners, like those used on foreheads, do not measure areas of the body with dense arterial networks, which can result in inaccurate readings and inconsistent results due to interference from perspiration, hair, and/or make-up. 

Accurate infrared measurement (±0.3°F/C) that is FDA compliant

University studies report the fist/wrist as one of the most reliable areas for temperature scanningMany people are familiar with infrared (IR) skin temperature devices being used to monitor forehead skin temperature but due to different heights, heavy perspiration, hair, makeup, and other facial coverings, the readings can be compromised and often require secondary scans. Infrared skin surface temperatures can be taken from many places on the human body. IR readings are most accurate from regions where arterial blood flow is present, such as the wrist or fist. Because of this, readings from the wrist or fist correlate most closely to the mean body temperature (MBT), which is used to measure fever. Infrared reading from the wrist/fist also makes it easier for people to scan themselves ensuring a safe properly maintained distance between people. Forehead scanners are problematic due to people’s varying heights and the need for a separate temperature taker. Even manufacturers of forehead scanners have established that their readings can be compromised. Longer range thermal infrared imaging systems are also available on the market. They are expensive and require a high-resolution camera to direct focus to the various facial areas. Infrared imaging also can not be used outdoors due to the interference of the sunlight’s infrared rays which impact the results.

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