Opteev is a technology company that makes the world a safer place for humanity by bringing new products to market to improve air quality in the environments we live in, from workspaces to schools and everywhere in between. Our innovative products screen people and places to deliver a sense of comfort and security for everybody to enjoy their lives without reservation.


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// Affordable, instantaneous indoor air quality testing

Peace of mind for indoor spaces.

ViraWarn by Opteev is the first-ever plug in airborne virus and COVID-19 detector with instantaneous results, supporting indoor air quality testing in any indoor space. Don’t just hope your space is safe. Monitor your indoor air quality with ViraWarn.

Watch how ViraWarn works

Demonstrates Your Commitment to Safety

ViraWarn shows that you care about the safety and health of your staff, students and customers.

Alert System

Audio-visual notification when significant viral concentration is detected.

Precise Detection

Micro biosensing sensitivity to handle a wide range of particle sizes to support indoor air quality.


IoT enabled, so you’re always connected with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth compatibility

Safe to Use

IEC certified and ISO 18562 approved so it’s safe to use.

// ViraWarn by Opteev Plugin Room Scanner

Continually screen your indoor spaces for viral contaminants.

Although herd immunity has not been achieved and new virus variants are spreading, the world is reopening indoor spaces. Every business has to meet new indoor air quality standards for public health. Personal health screenings such as temperature checks will continue to be a first line of defense, but you must proactively maintain the health of indoor spaces.  

ViraWarn by Opteev, is the first plug-in device that makes indoor air viral screening affordable and instantaneously accessible. Think of it the same way you would a smoke detector for a room. It’s simple to install and maintain, yet it quickly alerts occupants if there is influenza or COVID-19 in the room. No interior space where groups of people come together should be without ViraWarn. 

Protection From Invisible Viruses

ViraWarn senses what you can't see. Accurate, affordable and effective. Reserve your ViraWarn while supplies last.
// Identify Contaminants and Improve Air Quality

Return to School and Work with Safer, Cleaner Air

In addition to helping identify protein spike viruses such as COVID-19 and influenza, ViraWarn is also equipped with particulate and carbon dioxide sensors. Many studies have shown that poor indoor air quality can significantly affect constituent health and performance. High particulate counts often indicate that there is a strong likelihood of high allergens and that in-room filtration should be significantly increased. High carbon dioxide counts also can deteriorate staff and student performance as well as negatively impact overall health. High carbon dioxide rates indicate less oxygen than preferred, usually the result of poorly designed or functioning HVAC systems. ViraWarn is the first multifunction indoor air quality sensor to help you understand allergens, carbon dioxide and viruses within indoor spaces. 

// Technology

How ViraWarn Works.

Plugging ViraWarn modules into the electrical sockets around the periphery of a room delivers blanket screening protection. ViraWarn’s indoor air quality sensors quickly detect airborne viruses within minutes of their introduction by infected individuals. The patented sensor technology exploits the s-protein electrochemistry present on the outermost shell of all spiked protein viruses. The ViraWarn modules include air suction that complements a room’s existing airflow to move air through the ViraWarn detection chamber. There, analysis of the air is done to detect if a virus is present. If a viral alert is triggered, a visual indication via an LED light and an audible buzzer signal immediately so that the room can be evacuated, disinfected and the occupants can be screened. What’s important is that ViraWarn can detect the presence of any spike protein virus including influenza, COVID-19 and variants. 


ViraWarn modules can be strategically placed in electrical sockets around the periphery of a room, especially near entrances and exits. They capture airborne viruses within 10-12 feet of an infected person. ViraWarn’s onboard edge processor uses advanced AI technology to detect and screen out false positives. The device reports all incidents through its connected app to help improve air quality.

Billions of people are unvaccinated.
Learn more about our roadmap for a safe and effective return to work and school.

The ViraWarn Mobile App

ViraWarn integrates with other IoT devices and can be controlled via a wi-fi connected device such as your mobile phone via the ViraWarn mobile app. The app can be used for all types of notifications and alerts, such as viral load alert, air pollution alert, and chamber replacement alert. All models include room temperature, relative humidity, proximity sensors (to detect human presence for auto-start operating modes), and an ultrasonic sensor to alert for cartridge changes. These sensors feed an internal edge-computer algorithm which calculates a proper social distancing recommendation for a room based on the environmental conditions. Replacement cartridges are available depending on the frequency of run conditions. Certain models also feature air quality and carbon dioxide modeling, which can indicate unhealthy air quality conditions that hasten viral spread. ViraWarn units can also be networked together through an alarm hub. 

ViraWarn testing in laboratory and real world settings has shown the same reliability as PCR and COVID -19 Quick Tests - about 75-85% accuracy.

// ViraWarn Indoor Viral Screening

Two ViraWarn Models

The first affordable, instant room safety technology that alerts when a virus is detected and supports healthy indoor air quality to keep your staff, students, and customers safe–offering elevated peace of mind in meeting the new level of personal health safety standards.

The light-weight, compact ViraWarn X plugs directly into an electrical outlet, mounting to the wall. ViraWarn XL is a standalone device with a larger media chamber, meaning users can go longer in between changing cartridges, which is important for uses like schools, offices and medical facilities where people are focused on their task at hand. In addition, both of these remarkable devices include carbon dioxide and particulate sensors, which are especially important to maintain interior spaces for proper student and staff performance and health.


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ViraWarn by Opteev is the first-ever plugin sensor for indoor airborne virus detection that provides instantaneous results. Keep your employees, customers, students and staff safe–offering elevated peace of mind in meeting the new level of personal health safety standards. Available for shipping September 2021.