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Why Risk It?
Know When COVID-19 Enters Your Preschool!
Affordable, Instant Airborne COVID Detection for Your Preschool
  • ViraWarn is the first affordable airborne COVID-19 detector for Preschools.
  • Like a smoke detector for a room, but for COVID-19.
  • Find out instantly if COVID-19 particles enter your classroom so the children can mask up and get out!
  • Detects all variants of COVID-19.
  • Models starting at $459!
Watch How ViraWarn Works

ViraWarn lab tests have shown the same reliability
as PCR and COVID -19 Quick Tests –
about 75-85% accuracy.


Healthy Preschools

ViraWarn shows that your preschool cares about the safety and health of its students and faculty with continuous protection and instant alerts.



IoT enabled so your preschool safety officer and administration officials are always connected with WiFi and Bluetooth compatibility.

Alert System

Audio-Visual notification when viral concentration is detected so you can evacuate your preschool BEFORE infection.


Safe to Use

IEC certified and ISO 18562 approved so it’s completely safe to use in the preschool.

Don't Let Your Preschool Become the Next Outbreak!

Current data shows child Covid-19 hospitalizations are surging in the US and filling pediatric wings.

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The Delta variant is 1000 times more infectious
than previous strains of COVID!

How It Works
  • Plug it in and COVID-19 detection monitoring begins immediately!
  • Know instantly if particles of COVID-19 or its variants enter your preschool.
  • If the ViraWarn alarm sounds/red light flashes, mask up and get the children out!
  • Automatic Text/Email alerts will notify preschool officials so they can disinfect.

Virawarn Mobile App

ViraWarn can be controlled through a mobile phone or desktop via the ViraWarn app.

Interested in ViraWarn for Your Preschool?

Accurate, affordable, and effective. Available for shipping September 2021.