Opteev is a technology company that makes the world a safer place for humanity by bringing new products to market to improve air quality in the environments we live in, from workspaces to schools and everywhere in between. Our innovative products screen people and places to deliver a sense of comfort and security for everybody to enjoy their lives without reservation.


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Keep Your Indoor Spaces Free and Clear of Harmful Viruses.

The first affordable and instant indoor viral detector keeps your staff, students and customers safe. Whether school indoor air quality protection or office virus monitoring, ViraWarn  delivers elevated peace of mind for returning to the normal way of life


Return to School

Millions of children are unvaccinated and vulnerable. ViraWarn helps schools inspire staff and parent confidence that their children are being taught in a safe learning environment. ViraWarn also monitors airborne particulate and carbon dioxide that can impede staff and student health and performance. 

Return to Business

With many businesses turning to remote working to stay afloat, the transition back to in-office work can be a challenge. ViraWarn helps businesses show that they have adopted elevated levels of personal health safety protection so that staff can focus on the task at hand.  

Protection From Invisible Viruses

ViraWarn senses what you can't see. Accurate, affordable and effective protection for your school or workplace. Reserve your ViraWarn while supplies last.

School Indoor Air Quality

Protect staff and students by scanning the classroom and common indoor areas for viruses. Instant alerts notify staff so you feel safe indoors.


It’s difficult to practice social distancing in classrooms, so ViraWarn helps safeguard staff and student interactions.


School restrooms are one of the most common places for student and staff virus transmissions.

Lunch Rooms

Large gatherings of students or staff are another typical area to safeguard people and inspire confidence.

Living Room

Staff Lounge

Even though most staff are vaccinated, breakthrough variant virus infections are now being reported. ViraWarn identifies when a virus is present to help prevent a breakout.

Front Office

Most school front offices have frequent interactions with staff, students and parents. ViraWarn inspires confidence of all school constituents while helping protect their health.

Office Indoor Air Quality

Focus on the task at hand and prevent staff fear of getting sick at work with continual, smart room virus detection from ViraWarn.

Vending Areas

Helps safeguard staff and student interactions. Avoid staff stress by installing ViraWarn in vending areas. Staff can enjoy mealtime with peace of mind.

Conference Areas

Encourage staff interaction and worry-free face to face exchanges by installing ViraWarn.

Waiting Areas

As people return to dental offices, medical offices and other businesses with waiting areas, visitors can feel safe knowing ViraWarn is looking out for them.

Cubicle Zones

Although many offices have expanded social spacing, ViraWarn in cubicle areas not only protects your staff, it also tells them that their employer cares for their health and safety.

Front Vestibule Areas and Offices

Inspire confidence and encourage visitors by installing ViraWarn in strategic areas of entry and individual closed-in offices.

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Relax at home and entertain your guests with confidence knowing that you’re in a virus-free environment.

Opteev Conference Room

Conference Rooms

Focus on the task at hand and stop worrying about getting sick at work with continual, smart room virus detection systems from ViraWarn.

Ready to preorder ViraWarn?

ViraWarn by Opteev is the first-ever plugin sensor for indoor airborne virus detection that provides instantaneous results. Keep your employees, customers, students and staff safe–offering elevated peace of mind in meeting the new level of personal health safety standards.