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The First Virus Detection Device With Breakthrough Biosensing Technology.

Making indoors a safer place, ViraWarn is the first-ever device that detects viruses in a room and notifies you so you can evacuate and disinfect the area in real-time.

ViraWarn uses unique biosensing technology to detect 50 to 100 airborne viral particles even in tiny droplets. Make data driven decisions in improving indoor air quality.


Automatically Screen for Viruses in a Room.

As we transition to life after the pandemic, there are new standards for public health. There’s a new awareness of viruses and how easily they spread due to aerosol transmission indoors, especially in rooms with poor air circulation. Virus detection technology is now part of the first line of defense against viral spread indoors and improving indoor air quality.

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ViraWarn's Breakthrough Technology.

Unique to ViraWarn, the biosensing sensor technology identifies viruses including flu and the s-protein electrochemistry present on the outermost shell of the corona or COVID-19 viral strain. The system uses an air suction mechanism where all the aerosols are sucked in and suspended in a special liquid, where, based on viral surface-electrochemistry, electrical impulses are generated, and viral strains are identified and quantified.

ViraWarn with biosensing technology is ideal for real-time virus alerts in meeting rooms, lavatories or other common areas. When you can detect a virus in the air, you can be more targeted and efficient in improving air quality in your space.

Protection From Invisible Viruses

ViraWarn senses what you can't see. Accurate, affordable and effective. Reserve your ViraWarn while supplies last.
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Indoor Aerosolized Viral Detection System.

ViraWarn can sense viral particles in micron-size droplets–called aerosols–that linger in the air. A cough produces approximately 3,000 droplets, whereas a sneeze releases an estimated 40,000. The larger droplets are visible and fall out of the air rapidly within seconds to minutes. However, the aerosol droplets and particles below 5 micrometers in diameter, can remain in the air for long periods of time and can be transmitted to others over distances greater than one meter.

Interested in using ViraWarn in your space?

ViraWarn by Opteev is the first-ever plugin sensor for indoor airborne virus detection that provides instantaneous results. Keep your employees, customers, students and staff safe–offering elevated peace of mind in meeting the new level of personal health safety standards.